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Hearst Communications often referred to simply as Hearst, is an American multinational mass media and business information conglomerate based in the Hearst Tower in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. Hearst owns newspapers, magazines, television channels, and television stations, including the San Francisco Chronicle, the Houston Chronicle, Cosmopolitan and Esquire. It owns 50% of the A&E Networks cable network group and 20% of the sports cable network group ESPN, both in partnership with The Walt Disney Company.

Hearst Communications Inc. settled a lawsuit with plaintiffs Suzanne Boelter and Josephine James Edwards, who said the media giant sold their data to third parties, which resulted in harassing phone calls and junk mail after subscribing to Good Housekeeping and Country Living. The lawsuit was filed under Michigan’s Video Rental Privacy Act. Hearst is accused of violating this law through the alleged sale of “enhanced” customer profiles, which include magazine subscription histories, reading habits, age, race, religion, income levels, charitable donations, medical conditions, political affiliations and shopping habits.


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Former Employee - Marketing says

"I never experienced worse harassment and abuse than I did at Hearst. I worked for a megabrand that is synonymous with empowerment and had to sit in meetings surrounded by inspirational quotes while my manager said things that were way more shocking than those said by their recently departed president. My experience happened about 8 years ago and the man who harassed me and many others is gone for about six years now, but I see it as a failing of Hearst because this person had a HR file ten inches thick and everyone, including the publisher and Hearst HR at the highest levels, knew and protected him. The brand I worked for was one of Hearst's most successful so I assume they were motivated by a desire not to rock the boat, but this guy was truly sick and everyone knew and Hearst didn't see a problem with it for 12 years."

Current Employee - Sales says

"Corporate HR IS A JOKE and only exists to cover the company’s best interest, not the employee!"

Former Employee - Reporter says

"incompetent management, negative work environment and abuse"

Former Employee - Digital Marketing Specialist says

"Everything from low base salary, toxic culture/management/digital solutions/clients cancelling daily. Not an “open door environment”, and upper management isn’t going anywhere. I suggest a strong support system outside of work, or be prepared for therapy possibly medication to deal. Best wishes...waste of my talent"

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Hiring manager and HR promises opportunities only to eliminate the position due to a "lack of throughput" from businesses in 8 months. Absolutely zero warning and incompetent leadership that don't really care about any details. Avoid Hearst Health at all costs. Management doesn't really know what they're doing and central management isn't really well regarded among the business units they control at all. They simply spend money in order to buy successful companies and ride on their coattails hoping for the best. No strategic goal communicated and management simply spends possibly hundreds of thousands per year traveling back and forth between pointless conferences and "development" forums. Pretty much - have an exit strategy ready to execute at any point in time as management is incompetent at continuity."

Former Employee - Design Director says

"Hearst does not give it's Design Director's the resources that it takes to run a magazine. Most people are doing 2 to 4 people's jobs and compensation is low compared to the competition."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Horrible workplace culture. Success is punished while mediocrity is rewarded. There is a complete disconnect between market conditions and corporate expectations. Turnover is rampant, close to 50% in sales. Unreliable digital products which are short sighted, and are killed as quickly as they are rolled out. Antiquated compensation structure."

Former Employee - Account Executive says

"Management does not care about your success."

Former Employee - Analyst says

"Managers and executives have personal issues that bubble to surface. One direct manager was dating and sleeping with other coworkers, which led to disruption of operations while other employees were left confused. Former president of Hearst Newspapers until about 2017 (now EVP and COO of Hearst Corporate as of 2019), had petuitary adenoma (as a former med school student, I spotted this instantly), and would often feel slighted and personally offended if low-level employees left for other companies, and would announce public black lists of those employees. He drove the division revenue down and still was promoted to corporate level. He also grabbed some employees by the arm while walking past them, often citing he forgot to ask them for status updates, and justified grabbing at them. He also has hair plugs. Divisional expansion was often predicated on emotions of executives and not actual empirical data to justify risks, based on potential reward. Heavy nepotism: new round of vice presidential hires are literally brothers or sons-in-law of SVPs and presidents. The same former president of the newspaper division openly discouraged internal transfers, both within the division and other divisions, hence only recourse is to leave company. He also did not permit substantial raises or promotions to entry, associate, or mid-level employees. It is these cons that leave little to the imagination as to why newspapers and digital newspapers are going extinct. It is because of these old, stogy dinosaurs who desperately need the metaphorical meteorite to slam them in their faces and vaporize them."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Almost no opportunity for growth. - Management loves playing favorites. It's not about how hard you work, it's about who you're buddy-buddy with. Hard working employees get almost no recognition. Brown-nosing employees get all of it. - Absolutely no company structure. - Your title and role don't mean anything to anyone. A editor from one department can be doing the same work as a director or VP from another. - They cut departments to decrease spending, and the money saved goes to upper management rather than raises to remaining employees. - Management likes to make excuses and sugar coat things, rather than just saying it as it is. No transparency whatsoever. - People have huge egos for no reason. - Many people are overworked and paid too little. - Expected to handle more responsibilities and commit more time while salary remains the same. - They say you're working for 7 hours, including a break. In reality you're expected to work 9-10 hours (and weekends) with no break. - Some people work 3 hours away from the city and are fully capable of completing their jobs. Management expects you to show up everyday. - Newly acquired companies lead to huge layoffs of those companies to cut costs. - No company values whatsoever."

CONTENT SPECIALIST (Former Employee) says

"Management was absolutely terrible. So much so that the Corporate office shut the office down."

Sales - digital (Former Employee) says

"Mismanagement, micromanaging and favoritism are pervasive. Pre and post hire description of requirements and territory infiltration are different realities. Commission virtually non existent year one. The rules of engahmemt change arbitrarily. HR is deceptive as well. Back biting and unprofessional staff.NoneSee below Also takes weeks to get reimbursed for company expenses."

sales (Former Employee) says

"Bad environment, bad work ethics, bad management, corporate and top management doesn't care about employees."

sales (Former Employee) says

"In my opinion,iIf you enjoy being micro-managed, constant commission format changes to inhibit earnings, backstabbing and being surrounded with the rudest group of individuals you will ever meet....here you go.company has a well branded name with a good previous historynot a good workplace, management or business model. sales people come and go."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Horrible work environment, very unprofessional and treat their employees bad. Managers will stab you in the back as they'll move accounts and change the commission plan and goals once you continuously hit them, it's like they want you to finish 80% to goal on purpose so they don't have to pay out commission so the company can make money to make up for the margins on things such as Google AdWords campaign."

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIST (Current Employee) says

"Company doesn't really care about the well-being of employees. All tools we are forced to use are cheap and break often then when they do break it takes four months for the new tool to be introduced creating a backlog on work and unhappy clients. Product is a joke, much like this company."

Digital Ad Ops (Current Employee) says

"Management retaliates against employees who make good faith efforts to improve business processes and abusive management culture. I don't recommend working here, especially not in this division. HR walks around with a chip on their shoulder and management is extremely cliquey-- factions face off against each other every now and then, destroying morale and undermining their larger goal.comparatively easy workbuilding was moldy, low pay, abusive management"

DIRECTOR OF MARKETING (Former Employee) says

"This was by far the worst place I ever worked. It wore me down, was dark and negative, plus the Executive team was cold and unappreciative. If you are considering this company, just save yourself from PTSD. They lay off people everyday as well.NoneEverything about it."

sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"The company is a corporation in which the people that work there don't really matter to management. They go by the everyone is replaceable and don't actually be yourself cus they don't want you to be. They are all fake with fake smiles and fake friendliness, there are other companies out there that are like this one and have a much more comfortable work environment.U can be fake and nobody will care or noticemanagement and Co workers are always "on" and walking in egg shells"

Former Employee (Current Employee) says

"company is on a downward spiral, they continue to lay off good people and the culture is changing in a negative way."

Digital Optimization Analyst (Former Employee) says

"There is a high turn over rate here. Everyone I know that started at this company at the same time as me is gone. Many of the supervisors came from print advertising or climbed the ladder from entry and they don't know much about design. There are some that are extremely unprofessional and no one accepts blame for anything. They care more about quantity over quality and everyday is extremely stressful. For example, HMS decided to create a new tool to help everyone but instead of letting the programmers spend time on perfecting this tool, they rolled it out extremely quickly with bugs and non working parts that just caused problems for everyone. I hear it's still not any better. Each department seems to have their own rules depending on what they prefer. Not everyone follows the same rules. If you want to join a department, I suggest the Rep Man, SMM or the Web Design Team. Its a great place for entry level positions when you are trying to get into the field of digital marketing/advertising/design and you just want a starting point on your resume. This isn't a place to have a career as you won't make that much money even as a supervisor. The money is in upper management but theres so many supervisors that have been there for 5-10+ years, it will take forever to actually become one. We weren't suppose to discuss salaries but everyone did! If you would like to move to a different position, your manager can hold your resume and not send it on! I've never heard of a company doing this! It's happened to plenty of people I know. If that dept needs you, doesn't wantPing Pong Table, Occasional Free Food (very rare)Health Care, Stressful, Pay"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"You work very hard for little pay. Ever since the company was purchased by Hearst 7 years ago, there's been a "raise freeze" ever since. That in itself should speak volumes!paid holidays, little micromanaginglack of job security, lack of career advancement, no tuition reimbursement (in the Newspaper division)"

Digital Media Executive (Current Employee) says

"Change management and a few other things it would have been perfect. Culture by far needs an overhaul. Too much politics and not enough collaborating."

Digital Marketing Consultant (Former Employee) says

"The turnover of sales reps was very high. In the short time that I worked there I reported to three different managers and saw no less than 50 different sales reps come and go. The packages changed every couple of weeks, which made it difficult to sell and keep up with how you were compensated."

Digital Media Consultant (Former Employee) says

"If you are needing sales experience or want to add a major company to your marketing/sales resume this is the place to do it. The training you get and support is one of the best, if you are producing of course. I can see why those not performing would hate this place. The life span of an outside sales rep is short. Constant turn over does not inspire confidence in upper management and at a local level you can tell they are overwhelmed by their demands. They will hire anyone regardless of sales experience which is great, however those with a good background or gain some selling skills quickly find out this is not the place for growth. Like I said great for those looking to get experience. Management is under trained and over worked and it shows. Constant changes in direction can be disheartening and the one size fits all management style leads to productive reps to leave. Since management changes their objective their is no typical day. They only thing that stays consistent is the cold calling... and lots of it. Cold calls in the morning, at least 50 in a 2 1/2 our period. Cold calls in the evening if you are not at 1/4 to goal starting the second week of the month. Add that to meetings about meetings and your left with very little time to meet with clients or to prospect. I wouldn't say that micromanagement is a problem here but you are watched on a daily basis. Even high producing agents get hounded about their activity and "pipeline". At the end of the day they are a big corporation and you are their to do one thing, Sale!Good money while gaining experience.Constant change in company direction and sales objective."

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Driven by dials, dials, dials with no real training on value and substance. Media placements weren't competitive with audience reach and product mix was over promised and under delivered. Strong individuals make this place worth staying, a few diamonds among the many. Modern Work-spaceBreaks were frowned upon/sales production focused on pinch closes rather than value props."

Multimedia Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"Company went through restructuring which didn't make things too great for some of us. There are still some changes taking place. Will have to see what more is to come."

New Business Development Specialist (Former Employee) says

"My day consisted of cold calling, in the field or by phone in order to bring new business to the company. I learned how to sell online and print advertising to different companies of various industries. Management needs improvement overall. Most of my co- workers were fun to work with and had lots of help from everyone when I needed it. The hardest part of my job was to communicate with my area manager because of her personality. She was hard to get a long with. The most enjoyable part of my job was going on Happy Hour events with co-workers.Good experienceStressful environment"

Account Executive (Former Employee) says

"The typical day included working the phones in setting appointments, making cold calls within the business areas and networking within business organizations. The HC has constant training on how to become a better salesperson, how to use the phone with appointment efficiency and how to develop business relationships. I celebrate today the many friends at work that were developed with over the years. The hardest part of the job was when the clients did not get the desired results with the advertisement that was placed. The most enjoyable part of the job was the satisfaction one gets when the ad campaigns worked.sales training, opportunity to grow your sales knowledgelack of a stable comp system"

DIGITAL SALES SPECIALIST (Current Employee) says

"My day starts by getting on the phone and set up appointments and strategy for the day.It is a very interesting job that I see as an opportunity to be out there with people and help them with their business. My co-workers are nice and friendly, great people. Management could improve as far as knowing what exactly it takes to do what we do. I would have the Managers get out more and see what it takes to do business first hand. As for my day, the hardest part is trying to talk to more people however the people that I do talk to, share and help, makes my job worthwhile.i get to talk to all kinds of people and enjoy the meetingsrejections is the worst part of my job however you roll it off and continue going."

Steve trageser says

"If they charge verizon a 45,% increase for local stations in Baltimore and they don\'t provide coverage I will remember it for a lifetime. I better be able to watch football."

Cengiz Gurses says

"ZE STUREN ONTERECHT FACTUREN DAT IK MOET BETALEN EN REAGEREN ZE NOOIT OP EMAILS. Beste lezer, Graag leest u aub mijn email pogingen.U stuurt mij onterecht een aanmaning terwijl ik nooit uw laatste magazines heb ontvangen. Dat ik vind vervelend. Ik heb alle moeite gedaan maar u regeerde nooit. Zie mijn berichten hieronder. met vriendelijke groet, Verzonden: maandag 24 augustus 2020 14:44 Aan: klantenservice Onderwerp: FW: Bevestiging van jouw opzegging Beste lezer, Graag een reactie voor onderstande mail van 14 augustus dat ik u gestuurd hebt. Ik hoor graag van u. met vr groet, Verzonden: vrijdag 14 augustus 2020 20:02 Aan: klantenservice Onderwerp: Re: Bevestiging van jouw opzegging Beste Mens Health, Zie hieronder uw bevestiging met betreft mijn opzegging en de brief met factuur ( 11 augustus) dat u mij gestuurd hebt. Ik had in 2019 voor 11 edities een betaald en deze edities heb ik wel ontvangen. Namelijk: 1-Augustus 2019 2-September 2019 3-Oktober 2019 4-November 2019 5-December 2019 6-Januari 2020 7-Februari 2020 8-Maart 2020 9-April 2020 10-Mei 2020 11-Juni 2020 (opgezegd) 12-Juli 2020 (Wel ontvangen maar na mijn opzeggen?) Nadat u mijn opzegging bevestigd hebt, stuurt u mij een factuur voor twee edities met een acceptgiro en u schrijft dat ik vanaf 12 juni voor twee edities moet nog betalen. Maar dat klopt niet helaas en ik ben met u niet mee eens. Want ik heb vanaf 12 juni maar een editie ontvangen terwijl ik per juni wel heb opgezegd en niet meer uw magazine wens te ontvangen. In dit geval hoeft u mij vanaf 12 juni geen edities meer sturen dus ook geen acceptgiro. Ik verzoek u daarom de acceptgiro/factuurnummer uit uw administratie verwijderen en mijn dossier sluiten. Mocht u na mijn mail nog vragen hebben hoor ik het graag. Met vriendelijke groet Van: klantenservice Verzonden: donderdag 18 juni 2020 12:03 Onderwerp: Bevestiging van jouw opzegging MEN_welkom.jpg Abonneenummer: 11142165 Abonnementnummer: 105109566 Beste heer Wij hebben je verzoek tot opzeggen van het abonnement op Men's Health ontvangen. Het laatste nummer van je abonnement ontvang je omstreeks 03-07-2020. Uiteraard vinden wij het erg jammer dat je je abonnement wilt opzeggen. Omdat de komende edities weer vol mooie artikelen staan, willen we je toch nog een aanbod doen. Als je nu je abonnement verlengt blijf je Men's Health ontvangen én blijf je profiteren van allerlei abonneevoordelen: Je kunt als abonnee Men's Health gratis digitaal lezen Je krijgt een doorlopende korting ten opzichte van de losse verkoopprijs Ook hebben we regelmatig speciale aanbiedingen voor abonnees Bekijk hier jouw exclusieve aanbod. Let op: dit aanbod is beperkt geldig. Mocht je nog vragen hebben, dan kun je contact opnemen met onze abonneeservice. Stuur een e-mail naar klantenservice@hearst of bel 085 - 888 2943 (ma t/m vr van 09.00 - 17.00). Kijk hier voor onze algemene voorwaarden. Met vriendelijke groet, Olivier Heimel Hoofdredacteur Men’s Health"

JILL says

"de klantenservice is ruk!"

Giulia says

"abbastanza disonesti. abbonamenti a riviste che si autorinnovano e poi non arrivano o ne arrivano meno numeri dello stabilito."

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